When can I expect a response?

During normal business, we typically respond to your message within a matter of hours depending on the time received. Response times during weekends and holidays may vary but generally speaking, you should hear back within 24-48 hours.

Your questions are never ignored but some questions take more time to answer than others. Some tickets are beyond the scope of expertise of the general help desk staff and may require the involvement of a specialist or programmer. If this is the case, we will respond to you to let you know that they have passed your information to a programmer and you should expect an answer in another 2 business days or less or you may get a reply directly from that programmer.

It is impossible for a ticket to go unanswered. Please do not post a duplicate ticket for the same reason. This will only have 2 people working on your ticket at 2 different times and will create confusion while delaying the response.

ALWAYS LOG BACK INTO THE HELP DESK TO SEE THE RESPONSE. Don’t just think that you’ll receive an email about it because that notification may get blocked by your email client or end up in your spam folder.

If its been more than a day or 2 and you still can’t see our response, you can email support@mail.higherlevelstrategies.ladesk.com or just call our office at 866-205-3389 so that one of us can look into it for you.

Finally, when creating a ticket, please be as concise as possible and keep it under 250 characters. BE SPECIFIC, tell us the specific page/video/file you’re inquiring about. Give a clear and complete description of your problem, with links to pages you are talking about and/or screenshots that display issues and error messages. Feel free to include a screen video that demonstrates the problem you are having.

The more we know the better and faster we can help. We look forward to helping you with your problem.