How do I get a refund or cancel my subscription?

If you’ve decided you’d like a refund of a product please follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Add a new support ticket using the subject title “Refund Request for [product name]“, replace the [product name] with the specific product name like “My Unfair Advantage” or “WP Affiliate Builder”.
  2. In the “Department” drop-down box, select "Billing"
  3. To ensure getting a quick and easy refund, in the body of the support ticket please include:
    (a) Your full name
    (b) Your login username for the product site 
    (c) A copy of your complete receipt, the one that shows, among other things, a transaction date, the name of the product purchased, and transaction ID or receipt number or something similar. Note, the third item is generally NOT the receipt with your access information and if you purchased through JVZoo please provide the JVZoo receipt (with the JVZoo transaction ID) not the PayPal receipt.

Failure to follow those steps will only delay you getting your refund and cause you and us more work so it is in your best interest to follow these instructions.

Please note, after you refund/cancel, you are no longer authorized to use any material you may have downloaded from the site. Failure to comply may lead to legal actions.

After you submit your refund request this is the process that will be followed:

  1. You will receive a response to your support ticket letting you know we’ve received it and, if necessary, requesting any additional information.
  2. When the refund is submitted you will receive another response to your support ticket letting you know that we've processed your refund and providing a Refund Transaction ID, if applicable.
  3. If your refund is to a credit card it can take up to one week to reflect on your credit card account and if your refund is for a PayPal purchase it should happen immediately and you should be notified by PayPal.

Your support ticket will then be closed but maybe re-opened if you have further questions or concerns.

It is your responsibility to come back to the support site, login and check the support ticket for the current status and if you have additional information or questions. Please don’t create additional, new tickets as it will just cause potential confusion and mistakes. 

Note: there is no processing of refunds from Friday afternoon through Monday morning U.S. Eastern time nor will they be processed on U.S. holidays, including extended holiday periods, and on September 11th, September 26th, October 1st or February 14th, so plan your request accordingly. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and a member of our team will assist you.