I'm a LaunchPad & Inner Circle Member. How do we communicate?

First and foremost, Omar, Melinda, and the entire HLS team are super excited to have you as part of the HLS VIP family. 

This one can be a bit tricky. As a LaunchPad member you are to communicate with us solely via our help desk. However, Inner Circle members also gain access to Omar and Melinda via Voxer (an app for your smartphone). When it comes to things pertaining to your LaunchPad training, you are to submit a ticket here at our help desk.

However, if your questions are pertaining to advice that you may need from Omar, such as (but not limited to) product ideas, product names, advice on your business plan, etc. then you should reach out to Omar directly via Voxer. If you discuss something with Omar pertaining to your LaunchPad training, then it's important to come back to your ticket and update Melinda with what that conversation was pertaining to. This will ensure that you're both on the same page.

If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and we'll assist you.