What are the Facebook posting rules?

Facebook Group Posting Rules:

The ultimate goal is to make the Facebook Group a powerful mastermind community, so it’s very important to abide by all the rules of the group so we can achieve that goal. If every member of our group follows these rules, we will ALL benefit! Please help us spread the word about so we can make this an even better community.

The primary 3 rules of our group.
Be positive! If you are going to complain, be negative, bring bad energy into the group, we will have to ask you to leave. The Facebook group is a happy place!

Contribute Value, NOT spam! Be about giving just as much (if not more) than getting, so please don’t come in to post your launch announcements and then disappear until your next launch.

Add value! Shoot specific videos, support fellow members and we will all grow stronger! Read the posting rules and follow them. If you don’t follow them, we will give you one warning. Following the rules is the only way to make this a powerful mastermind community!

General Posting Guidelines
Add value where you can, welcome new members to the group, Be positive, Contribute as much as possible. Do not spam the group, Support fellow members as much as you can.

This is a mastermind community, this IS NOT a launch announcement group! We are all here to learn, network, and ultimately do bigger and meaner launches. Your only contribution should not be posts about your launch. If you are an active member that adds VALUE to this group then we may be more flexible when it comes to announcing your launch. The more you support the Facebook group, the more we will support you. We are here every single day and will remember who is supporting others and we will be more flexible with those active contributors. This is not a calendar for launches, not any of our Facebook groups!

If you post anything about your launch in the Facebook group, it will be deleted unless one of us has given approval for your launch announcement. Pop in every now and again and contribute and you will be good to go.

This is a member-moderator community. Help enforce these rules and keep the group on track.
If you follow the aforementioned rules and guidelines, this will be a very powerful experience for every single member of this group.

Hit one of us up with any questions about these rules and may we all continue to succeed and prosper.
If you still have questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and our team will assist you further.