I was redirected to the “nope” page, why?

Unfortunately, if you were redirected to this page then you are not permitted to purchase from us. Higher Level Strategies, Inc. reserves the right to choose its customers.

You may be blocked from buying our products for a number of reasons.

  1. You may be on our in house block list. Our management staff may have previously decided that we are incapable of serving your needs or that we are simply not a good fit to do business together.

    You may present a security risk to other customers or to our company. We may have blocked you because one of your prior accounts with us was flagged as inappropriate or potentially hazardous.
  2. You may be a serial refunder. We may have blocked you because you have a history of excessive refunds or chargebacks. We do not tolerate abuse of our refund policy or PayPal’s buyer protection plans.
  3. You may have been blocked by 3 or more of our friends. We trust and value the opinions of our partners. Our peer network blacklist threshold is set to 3. This means that if you have previously been blocked by 3 or more vendors you can’t buy from us either.
  4. You may be on the payment processors' global blacklist. Payment processing companies have strict suppression methods in place to prevent serial refunders from abusing the goodwill of legitimate vendors.
  5. You may have violated our strict copyright rules in the past. We work hard to create unique cutting edge digital content and we do not tolerate piracy under the guise of “curation” or any other form of trademark/copyright infringement. We have a zero-tolerance – one-strike policy.

In efforts to protect our company and our customers, we may choose to block anyone at any time at our own discretion for whatever reason we see fit without warning, appeal or disclosure.