VTB FB Compliance

Always follow the Facebook Platform policies when using your app. Remember that you are using your own app and your own Facebook account. Facebook has very specific rules as to what you can and can not do when it comes to incentivizing users and we outlined this in a big yellow warning box on your VTB home page. 

From time to time, there may be a spot check on your app from a Facebook manual reviewer. They may need clarification on exactly how your app is set up to work and they will want to see the page it’s running on. Even though these spot checks are typically routine every reviewer is different and may ask for something specific depending on your marketing. You must make sure that you are always in compliance and appease their requests.

Your marketing must be above board. NEVER TRY TO TRICK SOMEONE INTO CLICKING A SHARE BUTTON. Your page must be clear and the visitor must know exactly what you are asking them to do. Keep it simple and be transparent. Prudent practices always work best. 

Here are some tips for using VTB that should keep you compliant and may help you appease a reviewer when necessary. 

#1 Make sure your app has the exact URL of the page you’re using VTB on. If the reviewer can’t find the page you’re using it on they may become suspicious and flag your app. 

















#2 Make sure the wording and the call to action on your page are easy to understand. Use verbiage that tells the visitor they are logging in to the download page when they click the button. Ie. “Log In With Facebook” is the type of vernacular that reviewers are accustomed to seeing and the more you deviate from that the greater the likelihood of a misunderstanding. 

#3 Be very clear with the visitor that you are collecting their name and email address. You can tell them that if they are not already a member of our site you will add their name and email address to the list when they click the button. This will help the reviewer understand how you are using the app.

 #4 Avoid telling the visitor that they MUST share to get to the download page. Facebook allows you to incentivize logins and check-ins but not shares. By simply positioning your marketing to reflect that they are “logging in” to your download page with Facebook you are remaining compliant as long as you are not forcing the visitor to share.

#5 Avoid forcing the visitor to share before they are logged in. Forcing a share goes against Facebook policy for incentivizing and your app may be suspended for it. VTB gives you various share modal options that do not force the share. These different styles make sharing optional during the login process by allowing your visitor to close the share modal to access their download or by taking them directly to the download and THEN opening the share modal. You may need to select one of those other options to appease a Facebook reviewer. Watch this video to learn how to set the modal styles.