How do I add my HTP Webinar Template?

First you have to submit a ticket here at the help desk (please note that if you never have, you must REGISTER at this help desk, using logins from other sites will not work). 

Our customer support team will provide you with the URL to access your OP3 Webinar Template

When you've received your template URL from our support team you will automatically have the template within your OP3 account.

Once you have clicked on the link you will see a notification that it was successfully added. See below:

After it's been added, you'll find it within your templates. It will be at the very bottom of the page and look like the below image:

To use the template when creating a new page, it can be found here:

Wordpress side menu > Optimize Press 3 > Create New Page > My Templates (see below screenshot):

If you still do not see the template in your library after clicking through the link we sent you then you have to submit a ticket at the Optimize Press Support Desk and explain what happened and show them the link. Maybe they can figure it out for you.

If there's anything else that we can assist you with after reading this article, please feel free to submit a ticket here at our help desk.